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#8sunday 4/25/15, #excerpt from Her Soldier's Touch #PTSD #Friends2Lovers

Happy Sunday, everybody. I’m going to be sharing excerpts from a scene in my recent release, Her Soldier’s Touch. I asked the ladies on my street team who'd read the book what scenes were their favorite. This was one. 

Oh, and I did a bit of "creative punctuation" with this one, to make it fit the 8 sentence limit. ;) 

He held her gaze, so she could see he meant what he said. “I told you, this isn’t easy for me, Rach. I made a promise to myself once, the day I found my mother on the floor of my parents’ bedroom covered in blood.”
He closed his eyes. God, he hated talking about this. 
“Paul and I held on to this hope. He was so sure one day Mom would get it together and we’d leave. The day I found her was the day the hope we’d clung to died.”

I’ll be picking up where I left off, so be sure to come back next week. :) 

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Blog Tour Excerpt: Running Interference by Elley Arden @elleywrites @RABTBookTours @Crimson_Romance

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: January 19, 2015


As an offensive linewoman for the Cleveland Clash, Tanya Martin is tough inside and out. The 5'9" beauty can take a hit and keep on going. But when the man she was best friends with - and secretly in love with - in high school comes home the same day she learns her father's gym is in financial trouble, she's unexpectedly blindsided.

Super Bowl MVP Cam Simmons is only back in town to convince his mom to move out of her failing neighborhood and live in luxury with him in Boston. But running into Tanya stirs up plenty of old feelings he never resolved. He was happy to leave his old life behind him when he hit the NFL, but walking away from their friendship was a mistake he wants to rectify.

As they work together to help save her dad's gym, Cam and Tanya's easy camaraderie and undeniable chemistry resurface. But can she open up enough to trust him with her heart a second time around?


“I was thinking, what about a celebrity boxing match?” Tanya asked.

“Uh, no.” Hell, he couldn’t even keep up with her in the ring.

“Back her into the corner!” some guy yelled.

What? Cam took his eyes off her for only a split second.

She popped him again and smiled. “Yeah, that’s probably a terrible idea. I mean who wants to pay to see you get your ass kicked?”

She danced around him, eyes blazing. Focus, man.

He managed a jab to her gut before she moved away.

“Thatta way!” the guy cheered.

She approached again. Cam swung. At the last minute, she spun, and his fist hung in midair. More dancing. Little hops. And a rush of laughter. He loved when she had fun. There was nothing more beautiful in the whole world.

She popped him again. Right in the flank.

The guy booed. Cam may have, too, because this didn’t seem fair.

“You know, it’s okay to hit a girl in here,” she said. “I don’t want you getting hung up on political correctness and looking like a fool in front of your … ” she glanced at the guy who was watching them, “fan. Singular.”

Smart ass. He lunged, and she dodged.

“Come on,” she said. “Show me what you’ve got, superstar.”

Oh, he’d show her all right. Just not in here. Later, they were going to finish what they started. He would find someplace where they wouldn’t be interrupted by roommates or family members, someplace where they could …

She bounced to the left and clobbered him. His brain rattled.

The guy gave a disgusted sound, and then walked away.

His one fan had bailed.

Time to stop the insanity. “Okay!” His louder than normal voice halted Tanya in her tracks, but a second later, she was bouncing again.

“What was that?” she asked.

“Just me announcing that the match can finally begin. I think you’re good and warmed up.” He grinned. “In fact,” he bobbed his brows, “you’re looking super-hot to me.”

Her feet slowed, and her eyes narrowed. “How ‘bout from now on you keep your thoughts to yourself? This is a boxing ring, not group therapy.”

Yep, he’d unnerved her, and he was just getting started.

“I’m being courteous,” he said, shuffling closer and lowering his voice. “I like to let my opponents get a feel for my size before we really get down and dirty.” He bit into his cheek to keep from laughing.

“You wish,” she said, but she was smiling too.

He advanced. She backpedaled, and then she hit the rope.

“Trapped,” he mouthed.

“Never,” she whispered.

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About the author

Elley Arden is a born and bred Pennsylvanian who has lived as far west as Utah and as far north as Wisconsin. She drinks wine like it’s water (a slight exaggeration), prefers a night at the ballpark to a night on the town, and believes almond English toffee is the key to happiness.

Charming characters. Emotional stories. Sexy romance.

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Release Day! Her Soldier's Touch by @JMStewartWriter #romance #Friends2Lovers #SecondChances #excerpt

It's finally here! 

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Experience has taught single mother Rachel Madison that the only person she can truly rely on is herself. But what she wants most in the world—to give her son the life she never had growing up—means she must put her faith in a man who once walked out on her.

Retired from the service, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Colten Taylor makes a detour to Phoenix to bury his brother. Nobody is more surprised than he is to see Rachel waiting for him at the airport. He regrets the morning he walked away from her, but coming from an abusive home taught Colt to put limits on all his relationships—especially this one.

So when he discovers he has a son, Colt knows this is a chance to prove to himself he’s not a chip off the old block. Turning his life around doesn’t come naturally, though. Then a drug dealer crops up from his brother’s dark past, threatening their son and forcing Colt and Rachel to face their demons … and each other.

Advance Reader Praise (found on Goodreads):

“Plenty of action, drama, life lessons and sexual tension to keep you hooked from beginning to end.” – Sarah

“The author was able to tackle tough questions and issues such as parental abuse, drug abuse, physical child abuse, mental and verbal child abuse, abandonment, neglect, alcoholism, dysfunctional family life, living with deceit, rejection, fear, PTSD, loss and grieving but was able to incorporate the story with faith, friendship, trust, forgiveness and love.”—Carol

“I was pulled into this story from the first page and didn't not want it to end.” – JaMBook Blog


NOTE: Every Sunday for the last month, I've been sharing 8 sentences from the opening. This picks up directly from where I left off last week....

She shifted from one foot to the other. Her smile wobbled again only to brighten seconds later as she clasped her hands in front of her. “Heard you were retiring, and I thought someone should meet you at the airport.”

Her statement and her over bright grin rang all kinds of false. He’d taken the coward’s way out the night they spent together and snuck out the next morning while she slept. By all rights, Rachel ought to be pissed at him, not standing in front of him like the Welcome Wagon.

He raised a brow. “And you figured it ought to be you?”

Her happy fa├žade cracked, and Rachel jerked her head to the right, glaring at something on the other side of the long room. “I told him this was a bad idea.”

Suspicion itched at the edges of his consciousness. So he was right. She wasn’t the Welcome Wagon.

Colt narrowed his gaze on her. “He who?”

“Jake called me.” She sighed and turned to look at him, the stiff set of her shoulders softening. “He said he was supposed to pick you up, but something came up. He said no soldier wants to arrive home without someone to meet him and could I possibly do it. Said he’d owe me big if I could. I couldn’t say no.”

Colt resisted the urge to roll his eyes. “Ramirez. Figures.”

Jake Ramirez had been his best friend for as long as he could remember. Colt couldn’t remember a time when Jake hadn’t lived down the street. Jake’s mother had practically adopted him and his younger brother, Paul.

Rachel was right about one thing—coming back from a stint with nobody to meet him at the airport, having to watch his buddies meet their wives and girlfriends, could be damn lonely. But he’d spent twenty years in the United States Army, had been stationed all over the world and had gotten off a plane alone at least a thousand times. He was used to it, and Jake knew it. So, the question was, why was Rachel really here?

For now, though, he’d play her game. “I called Jake a week ago and asked him to bring my truck to the airport. I’m going to assume it isn’t waiting for me in the parking lot.”

She smiled. Again. This one wobbled, too. And her fluttering hands trembled as she alternated between clasping them together and running them down her skirt. “Nope. ’Fraid you’re stuck with my Camry.”

For a moment, he could only stare and process. He’d come back to Phoenix for two reasons: to bury Paul and to get out from beneath the weight of his father’s house in Moon Valley.

And to tell Rachel about Paul. Clearly, Jake had taken it upon himself to create the moment, but Colt wanted time. A few hours to figure out how to tell her and to prepare himself for the reaction that would follow.

He hadn’t had time yet to fully comprehend his brother’s death. It wouldn’t be real until he saw the body at the funeral home, which was where he was headed as soon as he could pick up his truck. He wanted to see Paul one last time and he needed to make sure everything was set for the funeral. He hadn’t quite figured out how to deal with Paul’s death. The last of his blood was gone. Every single member of his family had been sent to an early, tragic grave. He was well and truly alone.

Somehow, he had to open Pandora’s Box tonight and deal with the ramifications. Once again Paul had left him with a mess to clean up. He’d have to do it all while trying to keep up the boundaries with her, the one woman who’d gotten under his skin. Yet, looking at her, at those gorgeous green eyes, all he could see was the morning he left her, and the deep well of regret that had built up over the years returned full force.

“Go ahead. Let me have it. I know you’re dying to.”

In celebration of Her Soldier’s Touch release, my other Crimson Romance title, Her Knight in Black Leather is on ‪sale‬. ‪‎99 cents‬ from March 17th to March 24th, at the retailers below:

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Top Three Romantic Spots in NEW YORK MINUTE by @MelindaDozier #romance

  1. Hotel Wedding Reception - Cocktails, Dancing and Celebrities -- Oh My! This is where Diego and Veronica originally meet & REALLY get to know each other.

He pulled her tighter to him, his muscles bulging through his tight dress shirt.
God, the man was a dream.
Sexy, Vero. Play it cool. “Your name’s Diego?”
His hand rubbed up her back and his forehead touched hers. “Yeah. And you are …?”
She cleared her throat. “Vero.”
“Nice to meet you, Vero.” Just the way he rolled the “r” compelled her girly parts to pulsate.
Their dance was an intimate introduction. Their touches, caresses, and looks conveyed everything she wanted to say. He rubbed the dent in her lower back, caressed her cheek with his own, and breathed into her ear. A whisper of wanting … no, need washed over her. To hell with not knowing him. She knew enough. He was sexy, tempting, relaxed, and amiable. She’d be a fool not to take this to another level.”

  1. Aria Lounge -  Imagine jazzy music, martinis and low lights all in the atmosphere of a speed date. This lounge is the spot where Diego and Veronica reunite unexpectedly.

It was him—her wedding-night adventure. Diego wore a black blazer over a white Tshirt and a furrow in his brow, looking as confused as she felt.
His hands gripped the edge of the table, displaying a few tattoos on his knuckles and his wrists. She didn’t remember that his initials were on his fingers. Even after those hands had been on her body, parts that hadn’t been touched in a long time … just the memory warmed her insides in two seconds flat....
His dark, brooding eyes found hers. A sexy-as-sin smile rolled across his face, and worse, the vision of all he could do to rock her lonely world shook her core.
Total. Sex. God.
“Holy hell,” he whispered. “It’s you.”

  1. Little Italy - What’s more romantic than an evening at a quaint restaurant, a sexy man’s attention on every detail a woman could imagine?

“Now, close your eyes.”
“What?” She giggled. “Why?”
“Vero, do it,” he teased, his hand stroking her arm in those mini-circles he was so good at doing. The dark, dreamy look in his eyes made her close hers. “Imagine you’re in Venice. You step off the gondola onto the port. Walk along the mini cobblestone pathway to the dilapidated building with a sign saying Il Costile. Inside is a different story; it’s a
quaint restaurant, with warmth spread everywhere. The aroma of the tomatoes simmering in the kitchen hits you as you enter.”
Veronica actually sniffed the air, and again he was right. She clenched her hand on her wineglass and closed her eyes tighter. The man had a way with words … and a great imagination. Where else could that lead?
“We sit. Hold hands.” He grabbed her hand and squeezed. “Outside, the water is swishing around in small waves. There’s laughter in every corner and conversation in Italian. Buon divertimento. Vivo solo per i tuoi baci … Do you feel it?”
She sighed. She heard it. She tasted it. She felt it. Nodding, she tilted her head back to imagine more.
“That’s Italy, Vero,” he said in her ear.
She licked her lips. Whatever he said. His Argentinean accent did wonders to her libido. “Mmm. Yes.”

Shy accountant Veronica Bass is determined to live it up a little before settling down with a perfectly respectable man to live a perfectly respectable life, just the way her mother wants. 

So when rock star Diego Diaz flashes his bedroom eyes at her during a wedding reception, Veronica swallows her shyness and leads him to the nearest hotel room. Now this total sex god keeps popping up in her life, and she finds herself telling some not-so-little white lies to keep him interested. 

Diego's world evolves around music, women throwing themselves at him, and having fun. His lifestyle hasn't allowed him to find the right girl to settle down with until now, but his own secret stands in the way of forming a lasting relationship with Veronica. 

Is their love destined to last for only a New York minute?

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Author Bio:

Melinda is a multi-published contemporary romance author with books from Crimson Romance, Swoon Romance and The Wild Rose Press represented by Dawn Dowdle of Blue Ridge Literary Agency. She lives in Guatemala, Central America with her husband/college sweetheart who brings "mucho amor" to her life. Melinda enjoys being the queen of her household and dreams of being pampered fully by her three boys once they are grown. Melinda's guilty pleasures include reality t.v., traveling, blogging and playing Farmville.

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