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Spotlight: A Fool for Love by Susan Lute @GoddessFish #contemporary #romance


When a gypsy caravan-style truck breaks down at Martha's curbside, the last thing Zach Barret needs is an impulsive pixie rocking his boat. The more determined he is to stay away from the free-spirited, green-eyed nomad, the more he finds one kiss is not enough. Uncovering Alice York's secrets in paintings of empty swings and merry-go-rounds puts a new priority in the top spot on his short list. But can he convince this stunning woman to park her truck permanently in his drive? 


Working on classic cars was good work when she could get it, putting enough money in her pocket so she could make it to her next destination, wherever that might be. And if she was lucky, along the stretch of road ahead of her, she could usually get in a painting or two.

But having to shell out a chunk of her scant reserves for new parts, plus take time to fix the Ford?

She banged her head gently on the steering wheel. She'd had one rule from the very first day she'd taken to the road. A litany of poor-me was not allowed in Duke's cab. Melting into a puddle of panic was not an option.

Hood raised, her head, arms, and shoulders buried in the engine compartment, she tested connections. A door banged behind her with the force of furious anger.

A man's raised voice demanded, “Where are you going?”

Surprised, Alice jerked, hit her head on the hood, and saw stars. “Holy mother of–”

“You don't pay me enough to put up with that old man's insults!” A woman shouted, the voice shrill, pampered. Stilettos clattered past Alice.

Sneakers thumping the sidewalk followed, appearing briefly in her peripheral vision as she rubbed her scalp while blinking back waterworks.

Heavier boots stopped beside the truck. “You can't be serious, Penelope. He's not saying you're a horrible cook. He just likes pushing your buttons.”

All Alice could see were denim-clad legs – strong, masculine legs that would make any woman worth her salt salivate.

What now? Make her presence known? Or pretend she wasn't a witness to this very public domestic squabble.

About the author:

Susan is an award winning, multi-published traditional and Indie author. Her debut novel, Oops…We’re Married? was a Reader’s Choice nominee and Holt Medallion Finalist. She describes herself first and foremost as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, dreamer, and novelist. An ardent student of human nature who loves ancient history and myth, she didn't grow up planning to be a writer. That didn’t come until much later, after her first publication – a little known article for Listen Magazine titled, Jessie’s Choice.

Other things you should know: Susan is the oldest child of a military family. She’s traveled to many places over the years, but has never been to Ireland, Paris, or Crete, an omission she hopes to someday correct. Her favorite places in the world are New York City, Sedona (Arizona), Ouray (Colorado), and Bath (England). And she believes the best things in life come in unexpected packages. She writes whenever she can. In between she works as a Registered Nurse, reads, gardens, takes lots of photos, travels whenever the opportunity arises, and remodels her house. She LOVES dragons. Currently she’s working on the next novel in her Dragonkind Chronicles, and dreaming up a new contemporary romance.

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Book Blast: Secret Blend by Jennifer Bramseth @GoddessFish @jennbramseth #contemporary #romance

by Jennifer Bramseth

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When longtime courtroom rivals Rachel Richards and Brady Craft get appointed to the bench in Bourbon Springs, Kentucky, tempers flare as they are forced to share chambers.

Working closely with the obstinate-yet-sexy Brady is not an attractive idea to Rachel—although she has to admit that Brady himself is pretty damned attractive.

Rachel doesn't have to run for office to keep her judgeship, but Brady does. He draws a formidable opponent, Hannah Davenport, a wealthy co-owner of Old Garnet Distillery, where some of the finest Kentucky bourbon is crafted north of town along Old Crow Creek and near the historic springs which gave the town its unique name.

And Hannah just happens to be Rachel’s best friend.

As the judicial race heats up, so does the relationship between the judges—so they decide to keep it a secret.

But can any secret be kept in little Bourbon Springs, Kentucky?

SECRET BLEND is the first book in the Bourbon Springs Series, an upcoming nine-book series of smooth, sensual, sexy, slow-burn contemporary romances set amidst the lush and rolling Land of Bourbon and Bluegrass of central Kentucky.


Upon a glimpse of his shorts, she saw the reason for Brady’s sudden affinity for standing in a freezer and pressed her lips together, trying not to laugh.

“Maybe you should go in the back of the store,” she suggested. “I think they have the big freezers back there.”

“I’d rather stay here,” he said in a low voice. “The view’s better.” Brady’s eyes raked over Rachel’s body.

“I’m pretty sure you’ve seen an even better one.”

“Indeed I have,” he said. “And recently. Very recently.”

“And would you like to see that view again?” she asked. She saw him swallow and knew she’d gotten the better of him.

He leaned forward and whispered. “I happen to know that if we weren’t in the middle of the grocery store, Judge Richards, I’d be looking at that view right this very minute.”

She sucked in a breath but soon recovered. “I would think,” she said, “that you’d be doing more than simply looking, Judge Craft.” She put a finger to her chin and looked up. “How do I put this? I think you’d be enjoying. But I’m not talking about merely the view.”

He moved closer to her.

“If I had you back where we were—” he looked at his watch “—eight hours ago, Judge Richards, we’d both be enjoying ourselves. I’d certainly enjoy the view of you writhing under me again as I—”

“Judge Richards, Judge Craft,” said a voice from nearby.

Brady and Rachel fell away from each other and looked to see the Commonwealth Attorney, Eleanor Giles, standing and staring at them.

About the Author

Jennifer Bramseth is an attorney in the active practice of law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. A Kentucky native and life-long resident, she lives within ten minutes of the state’s oldest bourbon distillery and works within five minutes of two others. A graduate of Centre College and the University of Kentucky, she loves a good Kentucky bourbon with water and ice.

@jennbramseth (Twitter)
jenniferbramseth (Instagram) 


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#8sunday 6/07/15 #excerpt from Her Soldier's Touch #romance #Friends2Lovers

Welcome to another Weekend Writing Warrior! If this is your first visit, I’ve been sharing an excerpt from my latest release, Her Soldier’s Touch. One of my street team members listed this particular scene as among her favorites.

I’m not entirely picking up where I left off last week. I've skipped ahead a couple of paragraphs. Oh, and in order to fit the 10 sentence limit, this has been altered from its published form. 
Colt squeezed his eyes shut, lying in the silence. His heart pounded so hard he was sure any moment it would burst from his chest, and acid rose up the back of his throat. The voice of reason urged him to go after Rachel, to try and catch her so he could somehow smooth this over, but his legs refused to obey. He could make excuses all he wanted, tell himself he had no idea what had happened, why she’d left the way she had, but he’d only be lying to himself. He’d seen the panic in her eyes, had heard it in her voice.
He wasn’t alone in the intensity of their lovemaking. She’d felt it too, responded to it and given back to him everything he gave her. Their exchange hadn’t been about sex at all. They’d connected, on a much deeper level, far deeper than they had even six years ago. Only this time, it was her turn to run. 

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Recent review for Her Soldier's Touch, from The Book Breeze:

"Stewart delves into some uncomfortable issues in this second chance romance. She’s not afraid to tackle some of the challenges of our time—single parenting, drug addiction, spousal abuse and child abuse. A sign of a successful story is one that evokes emotion in the reader, and Stewart managed to pull me through a whole range of feelings from frustrated to frightened to satisfied."

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#8sunday 05/31/15 sexy #excerpt from Her Soldier's Touch #romance #Friends2Lovers

Welcome to another Weekend Writing Warrior! If this is your first visit, I’ve been sharing an excerpt from my latest release, Her Soldier’s Touch. One of my street team members listed this particular scene as among her favorites. I’m picking up where I left off last week.

Warning: For those who prefer sweet or might be sensitive…this is still part of a love scene, so it has a bit of heat to it.  

Rachel met him thrust for unrelenting thrust, her tongue swirling into his mouth, her fingers scraping painfully over his skin, branding him. She wrapped her body around him, clinging to him every bit as tightly as he hung on to her. She lifted her head and bit down on his bottom lip, less gentle this time. Her fingers curled into his ass, biting into his skin. Her hips rose to meet his, urging him on. Until the sounds of their intense coupling filled the room.
Until he was sure they’d simply melded together from the heat generated between them.
He pushed harder, deeper, and Rachel arched tighter against him. Every thought of leaving her flew right out the window, lost in her.

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Trailer for Her Soldier's Touch: